Laughing Pat (@ Buenas Migas)

I just love Pat. Period. I can take her 1,000,000 pictures and she won't complain (true, she always looks OK in all the pictures). I love this one more than any other, that I may have taken. Why? Well, she looks so natural in this one (and not that I'm a good photographer or that she's faking it too much, I feel I just catch the perfect moment), and, it has that je-ne-sais-quoi, that makes (for me, at least) unique. To me it feels like one of those ads you in magazines where gorgeous über-happy people is using "x" product. In this case, she could perfectly be "selling" the clothes she's wearing... I know that most people won't even read this description, but I feel that I need to include it. I need to put the image in context. Well, that said, I hope you'll like as much as I do (or, at least, a little bit). [NOTE: This is a re-processed version of previously post picture!]

Pat: Just Pat

What can I say that i haven't already said about her? I can imagine heaven like a place where she's there and I take her pictures all the time. I know that I am not a good photographer, but with Pat, everything changes. And not because, out of a sudden, I'm a better photographer, but because she's so nice and kind that, if we make 10,000 photos, we'll get some good ones (not to say that she's such a model...). Well, be it what i be (nobody reads these lines anyway), I LOVE THIS ONE, and iI hope you'll like it as well...

Fuerteventura :: Kristyna (Sax On The Beach)

This story starts by chance. When I finished dinning, I heard some nice Sax music coming from the Gaby Lounge. So, I went to the 4th floor (of the Meliã Gorriones, my hotel in Fuerteventura) and, there she was, playing the sax like heaven. As soon as I heard/saw her playing, I knew that I had to take her some pictures. Then, we arranged the session and, these are (some of) the results. I hope you'll like and, moreover, you'll let me know what you think of them...

Kristýna :: Green Veil

I’d be lying to you if I told you that there’s one model which I didn’t enjoyed shooting with. But, Kristýna is, somewhat special. With her I’ve made some of my best photos and, for me, more than a model she’s a good friend (and a great Sax player). So, it’s no strange that, this summer, I decided to go to Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain) once more in order to do more photos with Kris. She’s a lot more than just my Canary muse. She’s one of my favorite models and, as I’ve told you, a friend. I just love her. The only thing I hate about her is the fact that then selecting the pictures is hard as hell, sine I like them all. Well, enough said about the model. Now, talking about the pictures, they are mostly taken on the beach (sensor degradation included), on a remote beach (that remote that costed us a lot to get there). Enough said, nobody reads it after all, so, hope you’ll like them as much as I did when taking them…

Angelika :: Blond Beauty V

The moment Angelika wrote me, having seen my page (, liking what she saw and wanting to work with me, I instantly knew that we'll do something nice. But, when she arrived and we started working together, I realized that it was even better. The aim of the session was a "photowalk", and not a jumping session (though she did jumped a little), and the results are here for you to see... Well, enough said (since nobody reads it), I do hope you'll like them. Model: Angelika I.

Анжелика :: Beach Beauty: Cappuccino on the Beach

This is the second session I've done with Анжелика (Angelika), and my first proper beach session. This wasn't a jumping session per se, but, as you can see, there were some jumps... I cannot tell you how much I love shooting with her. She's super easygoing, super collaborative, super professional, super nice and, what's more important to me, super good person. I cannot tell you how much I love working with her, and I can't wait until the next session! Model: Анжелика (Angelika) I just LOVE this photo!!!

Евгения :: Beauty Leaning in the Wall I

When Анжелика told me that she had a friend who wanted to do a session, I said 'yes' without much thinking. She then told me that her friend (Евгения - Eugenia) was not used to the camera and that mine would be the first session ever that she'd do. To be honest with you all, shooting with Евгения was not hard at all. And, perhaps, that virginity to the camera actually helped me! I mean, in the sense that I could make her pose the way I liked it and, not the way 'models do'. I loved shooting with her and, boy, did we get some good photos of that one session. I hope there will be another session (and, of course, that you like this one).... Model: Евгения

Carla :: Sexy Carla in Red III

I loved shooting with Carla. She was so good that I almost have to tell her nothing, she would always find the right pose, the right gesture. I loved "working" with her, and I can't wait for the second session... Model Carla Lerma

Getting There

While she was going to the place we were supposed to take the picture, I took this one accidentally, and I like it more than the real thing.


That's what she (Ballerina) told me she felt in this shot